Welcome to Trade Focus Electrical Services

Trade Focus Electrical has become a leading service alongside plumbing, building on from many years of industry knowledge and experience. Complying with industry standards Trade Focus has employed highly skilled and well-cultured electricians who can ensure we go above and beyond for your satisfaction.

At Trade Focus Electrical we are looking to continue creating a respectable reputation with household maintenance and servicing and that starts with our reputable electrical technicians and doesn’t end with the final quote. Once you are happy with our services you will be a Trade Focus customer for life.

We offer a large range of electrical services and maintenance, click on our service icons to see what our electricians do best.


Air-conditioner and Appliance repairs

Trade Focus Heating and Cooling

Servicing of split systems and ducted air conditioning, as well as evaporative systems, has become a significant part of Trade Focus and we thrive when our clients depend on us to ensure their home is sufficiently operating year round. Learn more about our summer start-ups and winter shutdowns.

Trade Focus Appliance services

Repairing anything in your home from your kitchen to your powder room and all that is between. Our technicians have the expertise to investigate and repair your cooktops and ovens, range hoods and microwaves to washing machines and dryers.

Trade Focus
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