New Installations

Lighting Installation

Being passionate about indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for your home is something we take seriously. We are very much aware how the lighting you wish to have invested in can add or create a functionality and design edge of the quality of your home.

Allowing lighting to accent the inside of your home becoming a part of your designs, what interior design doesn’t look better with fantastic lighting?

Wanting to bring the functionality outside of your home to the same level as the design of your inside? Creating a space that can be seen in a different light is what our technicians and our company want to achieve, with down lighting over your patio allowing for easy entertainment, or lighting up your garden with strip lights in your rose bed or spot lights that will leave you at ease when your children are playing the night away.

Exit and Emergency Lights

Speaking of lighting installation, there is rarely a more important lighting service for commercial property than ensuring your Exit or your Emergency lighting being installed or serviced. Functioning Exit and Emergency lighting is impeccable for safe evacuations of commercial properties and buildings that hold a large number of people at any one time. The service is available for commercial clients and Trade Focus technicians are able to install or service and maintain your emergency lighting.

Our technicians possess the skills and the knowledge to install, ensure functionality during testing and ensure quality during maintenance. All tests and installations however will comply with the Australian standard, which also state that consecutive period testing of exit and emergency systems must be carried out regularly. Contact Trade Focus to set up a programmed frequent test of your installations by a qualified professional.

Power Outlet Installations

Your family being safe in your home is your priority and it is also ours, when you rely on our workmanship and service when it comes to electrical it is our responsibility to complete the task in the most time efficient manner however still keeping your family safe prior, during and following the task being completed.

The way we use power within our homes has changed rapidly in our everyday lives, as more and more appliances and charges are needed to satisfy modern day life. Our most common installations have become additional power outlets, for our technicians this is a simple installation as a new point is required with the cross of the new wiring to the existing wiring.

The modern power outlet has become more than just an ivory white plastic cover for electrical points; they have now been produced with style and sophistication without compromising the functionality. Ask the professionals at Trade Focus to install an outlet that suits your style.

Ceiling Fan Installations

A ceiling fan in most spaces are seen as a centrepiece for style and comfort, this is why it is so important to have the right ceiling fan to accent your homes style and to keep it comfortable no matter the seasonal changes.

Our technicians will be on site to ensure an installation of your new ceiling fan or servicing and maintenance of your current fan will remain economical and practical and will keep offering the year round comfort for yourself and your wallet.

Ceiling are considered a fantastic investment and although they don’t get the same credit as big air conditioner unit they are best used to reduce the cost and have as complimentary to lager units. During the summer months a ceiling fan will use less electricity and is very efficient during those muggy nights, keeping you cool during your sleep.

A ceiling fan will be just as efficient during those winter months as well; as the air cooling units begin their winter shut down period the ceiling fan is able to keep operating and adjusting the temperature in the house, as the fan can improve the efficiency of the heat by circulating the air through the home.

Exhaust Fan Installation

We understand the healthiness and well being of your family is second to none and we know how important a functional exhaust fan can be for you. An exhaust fan that is present in your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry will begin to remove moisture and reduce the potential of mould growth as it eliminates the risk of stale air.

There are many different styles of exhaust fans and our Trade Focus technician will be sure to be clear and transparent with you so you are aware which one will be most efficient for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Contact Trade Focus to have on of our skilled and friendly electricians come and have a look at your bathroom, kitchen or laundry and help determine where they believe the most effective spot will be to have an exhaust fan.

Security Lighting and Camera Installations

We are serious about your safety and how comfortable you are in your own home, even on your business premises. As a company with separate offices we understand the peace of mind you can have when your property and premises has the lighting and the cameras if something just isn’t right; that’s why our skilled technicians are able to install your cameras to a specific layout ensuring no blind spots for your home or business’ protection.

The installation of motion sensory lighting at your home can be set to your preference and light up your front door when you need it most. Security lighting that comes hand in hand with security camera installation can be made to suit commercial or residential property.  

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