Following are the steps for Replacing Burnt Power Points in Adelaide homes –

• Turn off the Power – Turn off the breakers & the electricity to the room. To be extra safe, make use of a circuit/inductance tester to make sure that there is no power running through the wires and power points.

• Assess the Damage – Remove the socket plate & outlet and inspect the power points and wires. Now, test the outlet once again to be sure that there is no power at all. If the fire damage has lead to the melting of the protective plastic sheathing, you should take into service a professional. Replacing Burnt Power Points in Adelaide is a job for the professionals.

• Remove the Outlet Receptacle – If the wiring can be scrapped, unscrew the wires and do away with the damaged outlet receptacle. Take out the wires in the following order – Start with the black (hot) wire; loosen the screw which holds it by turning it ‘counterclockwise.’ Do the same to get rid of the white (neutral) wire and lastly, the ground wire. Making use of a wire cutter/stripper, snip off about ½ an inch from the end of the wires & strip off an inch or so of the ‘protective plastic coating.’ This is an imperative step for Replacing Burnt Power Points in Adelaide. A GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter reduces the risk of a serious or lethal shock & electrical fires. They are a mandatory building code in all the kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. GFCI outlets constantly monitor the electrical current travelling through the circuit and will without more ado cut power to the ‘receptacle,’ if it detects any sort of change.

• Attach New Outlet Receptacle – GFCI receptacles are ‘stab-back’ receptacles. Instead of wrapping the exposed wire around the corresponding screws the wires are inserted (or stabbed) into the ‘designated hole’ at the ‘back’ of the receptacle and then secured with the adjacent screw. This is another significant step for Replacing Burnt Power Points in Adelaide. The black wire, or hot or live line, gets inserted into the hole with the help of the brass screw. The white wire, or the neutral line, gets inserted into the hole with the help of the silver screw. And the green wire, or the ground line, gets inserted into the hole with the help of the green screw. Electricians have a saying to assist in differentiating the different coloured wires – ‘Black to brass and green to ground.’

• Installing and Testing is an extremely important part of Replacing Burnt Power Points in Adelaide – Properly wrap the exposed metal of the receptacle with the help of electrical tape. Wrapping the metal prevents sparking if the receptacle needs to be removed once again for repairs. Also, if a foreign metal object was to hit the exposed metal at the same time as the receptacle was live, there was a chance it could arch and throw sparks. In a gentle manner push the wires back into the box, line up the mounting screws with the corresponding holes & tighten. Be doubly sure to install the receptacle with the ‘neutral’ side up before Replacing Burnt Power Points in Adelaide. If anything was to fall into the receptacle, it could hit the neutral & ground wires first and do away with any chance of an arch. The ‘half-round slot’ at the front of the receptacle is the ‘ground slot,’ and the ‘larger slot’ above the half-round is the ‘neutral’. These have to be installed at the highest point of the wall. Cover the outlet with the help of a plastic plate. Turn on the power back at the circuit box. Test the power points by pushing the ‘test button’ in the middle of the receptacle. If the ‘reset button’ pops out it means that the outlet is ‘live’.

If you have any questions or fears with regards to Replacing Burnt Power Points in Adelaide, call a licensed, professional electrician from Trade Focus Electrical. This kind of work can be incredibly dangerous, and there is no use risking your life merely to save little money. Although, after reading this blog, you will get a fair idea of ‘how to fix a burnt electrical outlet’, you should always call in a professional like us. We also carry out Home Rewiring in Adelaide.