Upgrades and Repairs

Safety Switches
A device that quickly switches off the electricity supply if a fault is detected, to minimise the risk of electricity-related fires and incidents and injuries.
By the law passed in 1991 stated that all new homes and in buildings where electrical circuits have been added or altered, safety switches protecting power points and lighting circuits must be installed. Contact us, a licensed electrical company to inquire about your protection and your safety switches.

Switchboard Upgrade
The electricity industry in South Australia is governed by the Electricity Act 1996 and it’s associated regulations. In addition, there are standards used by the electricity industry in a variety of areas such as electrical installations and wiring rules.

Electrical Rewiring
We understand the stress and size of the task that re-wiring your home includes, we want to assure you, we will be there to communicate you through initial safety checks to completing the hiring assessment. As trusted and well-communicated electricians within Adelaide, you can rest easy knowing the technician within your home complies with all the local Industry Standards and is well equipped with materials and mentally when looking after your home’s wiring needs. 

Signs to rewire a house

Trade Focus wants to let you in on a little secret that are the signs in which you can tell if your home must be re-wired:

  • Age – If your home is above 40 years of age and across your knowledge has never been re-wired prior we could test to see if the insulation of the wires is damaged.
  • Burnt Smells – A constant burning smell that can be noticed but not necessarily identified by its source could mean the electrical wires are consistently overheating and working harder than necessary.
  • Sizzling Noise and Discoloured Looks – A present sizzling noise or a crackle from a light bulb as you flick the switch to turn it on can mean there is a loose or damaged connection; possibly causing problems with outlets and sockets. Discoloured and worn out outlets and sockets that begin to overheat are just greater proof of loose connections and faulty wirings that must be inspected immediately.

Meter-Box Relocation
We are able to relocate and upgrade your meter box as well as its contents such as its switchboards. Trade Focus Electrical can assist to your allocation of the meter box as well the wiring necessary to complete the move. You may wish to relocate it due to further renovations or for greater ease of access, our electrical technicians will use their industry knowledge and experience to ensure your preferences are met the most proficient way we can.

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